The NIBR Postdoctoral Program is led by a Global Steering Committee that is chaired by the President of NIBR and involves senior scientific leaders. This group approves NIBR mentor applications and oversees overall direction of the program.

The local Postdoctoral Steering Committees review NIBR mentor applications and help create a vibrant local postdoctoral research community, engaging both NIBR mentors and postdoctoral scholars through scientific seminars, experimental design classes and mentoring/leadership workshops, among others.

  • Basel
  • Cambridge
  • Emeryville

Tewis Bouwmeester (chair)
Saskia Brachmann
Mara Fornaro
Juerg Hunziker
Sandra Jacob
Tobias Junt

David Glass (chair)
Feng Cong
Aron Jaffe
Ajamete Kaykas
Erik Meredith
Darrin Stuart

Focus on the patient, follow the science

At the earliest stages of Research, our drug discovery priorities are determined by patient need and sound science – not the potential market size of a medicine.