Qianting ZhaiQianting Zhai, PhD
(Co-Mentor: Meghan Holdorf, PhD)

Infectious Diseases
Emeryville, California, United States

Our research focuses on developing novel technologies for antibody discovery and antibody/protein engineering against challenging targets. An exciting aspect of our work is the opportunity for extensive collaborations with scientists working in the areas of infectious diseases, structural biology, oncology and bioinformatics to apply these technologies in the development of potential therapeutic molecules. Active areas of work include structure-based or repertoire-based library design, phage display, next-generation sequencing of antibody repertoires and antibody libraries, and bioinformatics tools for antibody engineering.

Many important oncogenes and disease targets are intracellular and thus cannot be inhibited by antibody therapies. Therefore, a key question that we wish to explore is how to target intracellular antigens with biological therapies. Potential projects in our group include engineering antibodies/proteins through both rational design and molecular evolution technologies.

Selected Publications

Structural Analysis and Optimization of Context-Independent Anti-Hypusine Antibodies.
Zhai Q, He M, Song A, Deshayes K, Dixit VM, Carter PJ.
J M Biol. 2016 Feb; 428(3):603-17

Alternative molecular formats and therapeutic applications for bispecific antibodies.
Spiess C, Zhai Q, Carter PJ.
Mol Immunol. 2015 Oct; 67(2 Pt A):95-106

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